AC Charger

Solar Batteries

The positive plate support in Ceil Tubular Batteries is cast at high pressure (100 Bar) on an imported HADI machine, ensuring void-free structure and consistent grain orientation, as well as protecting the plate support from anodic corrosion. As a result, improved reliability and longer life are assured. Ceil Tubular plates have a low antimony concentration, which minimises the frequency of filling up and makes the battery low maintenance. This also keeps the float charging current low, lowering the overall energy required to keep the battery charged during standby float.

  • Included in the solar Tubular series
  • Container PPCP
  • Positive Tubular Plates
  • Printed negative plates
  • Envelope separators with high porosity
  • Ceramic Microporous Vent Plug
  • Acid-resistant, high-tensile Polyester Gauntlets
  • Fasteners with Low Resistance
  • Powerful terminal
AC Charger