AC Charger

Solar Management Unit

The Solar Management Unit, a brand-new and innovative solar device from Techbec, transforms an ordinary inverter into a solar inverter. It was created in India. In order to consume less electricity from the grid (government), SMU prioritises the usage of solar energy. The same SMU can be used with both 12V and 24V inverters. The charging process has been improved for better system and battery performance. Thanks to the rigorous self-diagnostics and extensive electronic protections, damage from bad wiring or system failures can be prevented.

  • Supports the Wi-Fi, LBE, GPRS, and GSM networks for communication.
  • Allows for the remote control and monitoring of the linked system.
  • Supports both mobile applications and cloud platforms for monitoring and controlling.
  • Tracks device status and timely updates it to the EWeLink.
  • Maximum of 8 enabled scheduled, countdown, and loop timers per device.
AC Charger